Arma Labelnight
36 hours after Arma Records' newest release by Rude 66 hits the stores, the label is throwing an intense party that might last just as long
On November 24, Berlin's peacefully floating Hoppetosse will host two lineups by Arma Records and Arma17, packed with live acts by Steven Warwick, Epsilove, Orgue Electronique along with shows by their Russian counterparts Cotenius Z and Интурист.

DJ-wise, the party can’t go wrong as sets by Arma leader Abelle and Vakula, Vlada, Ranishe Niyaak — the artists involved in the most prominent affairs either of the label or the club — are scheduled.

This event follows Arma X, the massive birthday celebration in Funkhaus Berlin that happened this June.

Hoppetosse is not new to Arma crowds, the boat already hosted a big party by the club back in 2015.


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Rude 66 — live
Epsilove — live
Orgue Electronique & Fre2k — live
Steven Warwick — live


André Pahl
Sergey Letov feat Sergey Biryukov — live
Ihor Tsymbrovsky — live
Cotenius Z — live
Интурист — live

Kaltfleisch Corp.
Ranishe Niyaak
Daniela Huerta

Cabaret is not exactly an underground concept. (The word totally works as a name for the hold of Hoppetosse, at least when Arma is throwing a party there.) But if you blare out an artist who had been silent for 20 years after a genuinely underground German tour (Ihor Tsymbrovsky), along with a couple of fresh live acts (Интурист, Cotenius Z), pack it with poetry declamation (Sergey Letov feat. Sergey Biryukov), DJ performances (André Pahl, Kaltfleisch Corp.), a hybrid set (Daniela Huerta) and kinky decorations (Crystalmafia) — you’ll probably get what Arma is thrilled about on November 17.

What's up with the 20 years of silence from Ihor Tsymbrovsky? Still not clear. It is known for sure that Vladimir Ivkovic has recently published the LP of the Ukrainian artist on the label he runs. After 'Come, Angel' was released by Offen Music, a new tour was inevitable. As for who will arrange it... It's very Arma to cast light on rare artists. Long story short, the show is announced!

Sergey Letov — a legendary figure that is linked to the most influential music and art projects of Russian Avant-garde of '80s, including Поп-Механика. At the party he will perform live with Sergey Biryukov, an established poet and linguist who is also known for his reading sessions based on dada poetry and texts of futurists.

Cabaret actually comprises only half of the scheduled acts, representing the club side of Arma. Balanced by the lineup for the upper floor of Hoppetosse boat — which is pure Arma Records this time — the event opens doors to both worlds of Arma, the club and the label.
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