Celebrating its 10th anniversary, Arma will land in Berlin with a massive event in the very beginning of summer 2018
The date is set on 2nd of June, while the lineup construction for the 4 independent scenes of ARMA X is going to take some time before it will be announced along with the exact location and the details of the art programme.

All key members of the Arma community will participate in ARMA X, including DJs, musicians, and art crew.

The club has entered a defacto state of 'an international phenomenon', achieving a goal that was set several years ago when Arma was forced to leave its home in the heart of Moscow. The club was relentlessly hunted down by the authorities since then, resulting in unlawful shut down of Outline Festival and several major events in Moscow and Saint Petersburg.

Encouraged by the support of the global community, the club has scheduled parties all over the world in 2017 and 2018.

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