P. Kuznetsov
Arma 010
Arma continues to translate club's unparalleled experience into vinyl format. 10th release from the label features Benjamin Brunn's track 'Gamma Delta Epsilon' followed with two remixes by Steve Summers and Alex Danilov
In the original version Brunn merges techno and futuristic house patterns into beautiful grotesque rhythm construction. Both retakes show authors at their best: Alex Danilov creates a deep cosmic mood slowing down the tempo and adding dreamlike poetic chords, Steve Summers boils track down to laconic strong-beat narrative. The record comes in cover that features original painting by Pavlik Kuznetsov.

A1 Gamma Delta Epsilon — Benjamin Brunn
A2 Gamma Delta Epsilon — Alex Danilov Version
B1 Gamma Delta Epsilon — Steve Summers Version

Written, produced and arranged by Benjamin Brunn
Additional production by Alex Danilov, Steve Summers
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