Arma 05
Piticu and Jeefo, most valuable updates to the thriving Romanian scene, are sharing sides at the latest release by Arma Label
Warm morning beats in Arzi Unde' and 'Moa Phoa' give the idea of what Piticu is doing to late dancefloors getting people on board for continuous euphoric journeys. Jeefo develops his sound as if it were a motion. Sharp and focused 'Attack' is a persistent virtual flight that goes through the array of stunning futuristic objects. 'Limonada' has more close-ups and the intimacy much needed to enjoy the beauty of idealistic soundscapes.

ARMA #05
A1 Piticu — Arzi Unde
A2 Piticu — Moa Phoa

B1 Jeefo — Attack
B2 Jeefo — Limonada

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