Andrei Donine
Arma 03
Encouraged with success of the starting release and celebrating Resident Advisor's 'Label of the month' title the second vinyl just got, Arma puts another record to spin
The third unit includes two tracks by Andrey Zots, who clearly has something to say as a regular of Arma's strongest events and has talent to do that with style.

The beloved Arma's solgier Rhadoo grants his name to the release as a producer putting effort into remix of Andrey Zots' track 'Ty El'.

ARMA #03
A1 – Andrey Zots – Ty El
A2 – Andrey Zots – Inside Out
B1 – Andrey Zots – Ty El (Rhadoo Remix)
Digital Only – Andrey Zots – Inside Out (Why Not Cut)

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